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Digital signage is one of the fastest growing types of advertising campaigns in today’s crowded digital world. It offers partners the ability to target specific demographics like never before. Place your ad, or change the messaging, to match the time of year, month, or day that your target customer is out of home where traditional advertising won’t reach them. Set a triggered campaign to display a specific message based on business events, announcements, weather, or anything else you can think of. Additionally, this technology allows partners to implement a place-based strategy, placing an ad near a store whose customer bases matches their target audience. 

Digital signage allows brands an easy and flexible solution to deliver digital images, video, streaming media, websites, data or text. The possibilities are limitless.

Whether you’re looking to add digital signage to a current campaign to increase engagement and ROI, or looking to start a new campaign, we work with our partners through every step of the process. The service doesn’t stop once the ad is running on the network. We proactively track results and monitor all messaging to further optimize the campaign ensuring the best results.

In order to keep the networks content balanced, Digital Sky Media only allows three businesses per industry to advertise on the network. We offer exclusivity arrangements as well.

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