Digital media in public spaces reaches more customers than videos on Facebook or the Internet

According to a study by Arbitron, 70 percent of Americans have seen a digital sign within the past month. Compare this with 41 percent having seen a video on Facebook and 43 percent on the internet. Adding to this, 53 percent of adult and teenage Americans have seen a digital sign in the past week alone!

Brand Awareness

Studies have shown that of those people exposed to a digital sign, 55 percent could remember the specific message that was displayed every time they passed by.

Of the people in the survey above, 71 percent said they felt advertising on digital signage stood out more than online ads. Additionally, 46 percent said they were more noticeable than even television ads.

The same survey looked at specific advertising campaigns on digital signs and found people could remember specific advertisements that were run in the campaign 89 percent of the time.

They Don’t Go Stale

Research done using video analytics to log the number of people who noticed both static and digital signs found that the number of views static signs received peaked on its first day only to drop off and remain low for the remainder of the study.

Digital signs did not experience the same fate. In fact they received a consistently high number of views throughout the study – nearly as many as the static sign received on the first day.

It was also noted that of the people that saw both signs, they spent significantly longer looking at the digital signs than the static signs.

The Market is Growing Rapidly

Digital out of home advertising is the second-fastest growing advertising medium. The industry continues to add value to the entire advertising equation by utilizing the latest digital media formats and technologies. These technological advances and format flexibility are a contributing factor to brands realizing higher user engagement with their advertising. As consumers continue to access more media outside the home, use ad-skipping technology, and ad blockers continue gaining broader usage, brands will increasingly turn to digital out of home advertising to engage and target consumers outside their home.

It’s One of the Most Cost Effective Advertising Mediums!

The SBA performed a study on this very topic and found that in terms of cost per thousand impressions, digital signage may be the most cost effective advertising medium. Adding that digital signage’s cost per thousand impressions is approximately less than 10 percent of the cost for any other advertising medium.


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