Building on our last post where we briefly talked about the types of content and advertisements that can be displayed on a digital signage network, we wanted to start a series of posts to provide working examples of advertisements that can be created and run on our network.

The first example we wanted to share is using a countdown to an event, action or specific date in your advertisement

Why does this work so effectively?

Urgency is one of the most powerful aspects of human psychology, urgent situations cause us to suspend our thought and act quickly. In advertising we often use wording to create urgency such as “Hurry”, “Act Now”, or “For a Limited Time Only”. Urgency causes people to act quickly. Many of the problems that affect customer acquisition is the fact that people think too hard, wait too long, or simply don’t respond to our calls-to-action. If you can raise the urgency level you can cut through a lot of this delay and create a significant improvement to your customer acquisition strategy.

What if you could raise the urgency level of your offer? Visual cues and specific deadlines can be powerful tools to encourage action. The clock is the symbol of time and more specifically, the symbol of passing time. If you remind users that time is passing or that the clock is ticking, it raises the urgency level and compels action. We as marketers can use this human response to raise anxiety and urgency, thus compelling users to respond to our call-to-action.

Below is a timely example for those of us in Buffalo. It shows a sample ad for a snowplow service. We all know winter is coming and with winter comes snow yet a lot of us likely put off booking a plow service for our home or business. The ad below uses multiple windows to convey the messaging. The main window is used to display the service using an image or video. Banners are then used across the top and bottom, with one displaying a countdown to winter and the second displaying the call-to-action. The window on the right side is used to display company branding.

Who does this work for?

This specific as copy could be used for a landscape / snowplow company counting down to winter then changed to a countdown to spring for their landscaping needs. A Heating and Cooling company can also use a similar ad counting down for a furnace or air conditioning tune-up or an accounting / tax preparation service counting down to the tax deadline.

Other uses can be a countdown displaying the time remaining for a limited time sale or a countdown to purchase tickets for a specific event.

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